Posted by: Kirk Deeter
June 8, 2011

The Starter Fly Rod

fly rod

Do you want to expand your horizons into fly fishing?  If you aren’t fly fishing already, you should give it a try!  It doesn’t matter where you live or fish… fly fishing is about more than trout.  In fact, almost anything that can be caught on spinning or casting gear can be caught on a fly.   Fly casting can be a lot of fun, and fighting fish on a fly rod and reel is a…

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Posted by: Andy Whitcomb
June 7, 2011

Andy Whitcomb

The Numbers Don’t Lie


A circular from Bass Pro Shops just arrived in the mail advertising, among many other items, a fish counter. Fisheries biologists use these clickers to count large numbers of fish, such as with salmon runs. Ordinarily, I do not get into large numbers of fish. I do recall one afternoon along a wall below a low-water dam on the Des Moines River in Iowa when I caught 115 white bass. I am confident of this…

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Posted by: Tom Keer
June 2, 2011

Tom Keer

Quick Fishing Rod Tip Top Repairs

BrokenRodTip 034

These days, fishing rods are made to be light in weight. Blanks are made from high-modulus graphite that offer a great flex profile and that enables us to cast long, fish all day without tiring, and land lots of fish. If you disagree then put down your new graphite stick and pull out a 1950’s fiberglass rod. Over the past few decades fishing rods have come a long way.

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Posted by: Kirk Deeter
June 1, 2011

Guide Tip: Keeping Your Fishing Boat Organized


It doesn’t matter if you’re fishing from a canoe, or a 38-foot Bertram, any captain will tell you that having a neat, organized environment is the key to happiness… and fishing success.  I know, there are times when the bite just explodes, and chaos ensues… that’s exactly when and why you’ll appreciate having everything in order. I recently had a chance to spend time fishing the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon with guide Jon…

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