Posted by: Kirk Deeter
October 5, 2011

Eyes on the Prize: Tips for Sight Fishing

All fishing is good fishing. But sight fishing—where you see the fish before you cast—is one of my favorite challenges. It doesn’t matter if I’m casting to trout in a river, or bass or pike in the shallows of a lake. If I can see the fish… make a perfect presentation… and “get bit,” well, I think that’s “top of the game.” But seeing fish is not as easy as it sounds. Sure, sometimes they…

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Posted by: Andy Whitcomb
October 4, 2011

Andy Whitcomb

Bumper Boats


In our continuing quest for the perfect family boat, we are trying to keep an open mind; considering even the most unorthodox boat types.  Primarily because we want the kids’ input too, we recently had another new boat experience: the “Bumper Boat.”  Amazingly, this hull type cannot be found on’s Boat Explorer tool. “Fun!” was my wet kids’ complete assessment of this 72” diameter, 2-person vinyl doughnut. I received mostly blank stares when I asked amusement…

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