Posted by: Andy Whitcomb
December 6, 2011

Andy Whitcomb

Chocolate Bobbers

We had just begun to decorate the Christmas tree, when it struck me – “it” being a rather heavy Santa Claus fishing ornament. Some collections are achieved; others are thrust upon you.  The latter usually arrives on special occasions in the form of gifts from friends and relatives who have deduced that all your wishes can be fulfilled merely by remaining within the parameters of a certain, constant theme – in my case, “fishy.” I…

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Posted by: Tom Keer
December 1, 2011

Tom Keer

A New Version of Sporting Art: Cliff Casey

We fishermen tinker and tweak to get things right.  When we get going on a mission to modify gear to our specific needs, everything is under review. Boats, trailers, rods, and rigging. . . nothing gets overlooked.  We’ll dye feathers to better match the hatch and pull out markers to color stickbaits and plugs.  One man, Cliff Casey, takes these modifications to a whole new level. Casey, a life-long fisherman and hunter, grew up in…

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