Posted by: Andy
February 7, 2012


Bling it on!


  Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and for The Wise that means you had better get off the water for a little bit and pick up something nice for your significant other. Anglers are well aware of efficient time management.  Jobs, errands, weather, and little league games all compete with hot fishing bites for the precious few hours in a day. Also of crucial importance, do NOT overlook making time for your spouse. Boating or…

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Posted by: Tom K.
February 2, 2012

Tom K.


Remote places are cool, but they're not as cool as home

My early fishing life was spent roaming around ponds, reservoirs and streams that I could reach by bicycle.  I’d take the shoelaces out of my Chuck Taylor All-Stars (which my kids tell me are once again fashionable), tie a spinning rod to the bike frame, load up a backpack with tackle, and head out.  My friends Chris and Andy would do the same, and we’d pedal off for the day. When we arrived at our…

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Posted by: Kirk
February 1, 2012


Must a Fish Be Huge to Be a Trophy?

The words “trophy fish” are synonymous with “big fish” these days. Everyone has their own standards, of course, but a trophy trout might be a 20-incher or larger, and a trophy largemouth bass might be one that tips the scales at 10 pounds or more. Trophy tuna can weigh hundreds of pounds, and a trophy billfish in the thousands! Of course, most people wouldn’t hang a minnow mount on their wall. But, on the other…

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