Posted by: Andy Whitcomb
March 5, 2013

Andy Whitcomb

Don’t Flip Out: Tips for Teaching Kids to Handle Fish

  When taking a kid fishing, eventually an actual fish will be landed.  What happens next can affect the chances of a return trip. If the goal is to admire the catch, then watch it swim away, here are a few tips for proper fish handling (for you or for the kiddies): 1. The best thing to do is leave the fish in the water. However, holding the fish for a photo is often in…

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Posted by: Tom Keer
March 1, 2013

Tom Keer

Boats That Won’t Break the Bank

For many anglers, boats add a new dimension to fishing.  They enable us to get to different areas that we can’t reach in our boots. Boats can help you cover more water, and in a lot of instances allows you to bring along some extra buddies.  Boats can be expensive, but they don’t need to be.  If you’re thinking about buying a boat this season and are worried about the cost, here are a few…

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