Posted by: Tom Keer
April 4, 2013

Tom Keer

The Spawning Bed

At different times of the year, fish pair up for their annual spawning ritual.  In the warmer climates, bass and bream are answering the call of nature right now, and anglers are seeing them on the beds.  In a month or two, spots further north will see bass and panfish doing the same thing.  Some trout and steelhead set up redds in rivers in the spring while other trout and salmon spawn in the fall. …

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Posted by: Andy Whitcomb
April 2, 2013

Andy Whitcomb

It’s A-Boat Time!

I still have snow in the yard but the calendar says “Spring” and in the yard, there are shoots from flowers pushing skyward so I know it is time to go over my “Get the Boat Ready” list. 1. Is the boat registration up to date? Some state agencies require a yearly renewal, while others all renew on a certain date.  Best bet is to check your state’s boat registration dates and requirements. 2. Do…

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