Posted by: Debbie Hanson
September 9, 2013

2 Freshwater Fishing Lures to Use This Fall

Fall is one of the best seasons of the year to freshwater fish since the air temperature starts to cool, the lakes become a bit calmer, and the changing color of the leaves makes for spectacular scenery if you are fishing in the northern states. Game fish, such as bass and crappie, also tend to become more active while seeking out abundant food sources before the winter months. Be sure to take full advantage of…

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Posted by: Tom Keer
September 4, 2013

Tom Keer

Fall Fishing

We’ve been losing daylight since the Summer Solstice occurred way back in June.  As we move towards the Fall Equinox on September 21st we’ll find that air temperatures begin to drop.  As old Mercury drops in our thermometers the colors of the leaves will change, and humidity will decrease.  Fall is a celebration for all of us who weathered the summer heat.  But for us anglers, it’s also a time to get our fish on! …

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Posted by: Andy Whitcomb
September 3, 2013

Andy Whitcomb

Log On.

Take Me Fishing blogger Tom Keer recently reported on the pelagic bite. (“Pelagic” means, “go start the boat; you can’t catch those from shore.) Unlike inshore fishing, where structure and weeds are a fishing gold mine… No place is more starved for fish structure than the pelagic ocean. It is wide open and featureless. Just. Water. What direction should you point the boat? Where should you start fishing? Well, birds are a great visual of…

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Posted by: Debbie Hanson
September 2, 2013

Freshwater Fishing Rules That Were Meant to be Broken

Many of us grew up with a firm set of freshwater fishing rules or beliefs that were passed on to us from a parent, grandparent or maybe even an older sibling who taught us how to fish. These rules were likely based on experiences our elders had while out on the water, and were then shared with us. While I always appreciate advice or opinions that are passed along by knowledgeable anglers and fishing mentors,…

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