Posted by: Tom Keer
December 4, 2013

Tom Keer

Finding Spots to Drill a Hole

Folks who don’t ice fish think that there is nothing more to the sport than going out on the ice, drilling a hole, and catching fish. That is certainly one way to go about it, but the odds are high that you’ll be a little shy in the fish catching department. Savvy anglers use a common sense approach that begins long before the ice is thick enough to support a shanty, a vehicle, or a…

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Posted by: Andy Whitcomb
December 3, 2013

Andy Whitcomb

A Fine Line.


  There is a wide range of fishing line strengths folks can use when bass fishing. Which to use depends on where and how the angler prefers to fish. For example, many Bassmaster Elite Tournament pros, like Tommy Biffle, frequently use line up to 65-pound test to flip or pitch a heavy jig in shallow water, when bass have to be landed quickly in heavy vegetation or thick cover.  On the other end of the…

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Posted by: Debbie Hanson
December 2, 2013

Debbie Hanson

3 Easy Places to Practice Fly Casting


Whether you’re a beginner fly angler or have been fly fishing for years, chances are pretty good that you’ve hooked someone or something on your back cast at least once. It might have been someone’s pants, shirt or even your own hat, but the point is that you need to keep working on your casting skills while trying to avoid hooked clothes or broken skin at the same time. If you are used to casting…

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