Posted by: Debbie Hanson
June 23, 2014

Debbie Hanson

4 of the Funniest Fishing Photos from Facebook

If you’ve ever seen any of Bill Dance’s fishing bloopers, you know that fishing can provide quite a few opportunities for a laugh. Just add water, fish and bait — and you now have fodder for unexpected angling entertainment.

To prove that fishing experiences can produce some good humor, I asked my Facebook community to contribute by sending me a few of the funniest fishing photos that they could dig up from their fishing photo archives. I just had to share four of the best ones with you!

The first time you take a kid fishing and they get a bite, you never know exactly how he or she might react. If you can capture those initial expressions, the photos can be absolutely priceless. Kristy Woolliscroft shared this photo of her son, Ben Eisenberg, as he was reeling in a mangrove snapper. We are pleased to report that Ben has been on many more fishing trips since and fishes with his mom any chance he gets.


We recommend that all anglers follow catch and release best practices and use a release tool when it comes to any toothy species. Why? Well, the reason why is clearly evident from a photo that was snapped by Michele Nylander during a fishing trip with her husband Dale. “My hubby jumped back just in time because he nearly turned from fisherman to bait with this shark,” she commented.


When the bite slows down between tides, sometimes we anglers look for creative ways to keep ourselves occupied. Like learning more about different baitfish species … and getting a closer look through a “fish eye” lens. When I took a couple of baitfish out of the livewell and Captain Greg Stamper grabbed his camera, this picture was the end result.


The look on Maureen Mascaro’s face says it all in this photo. She was eager to head out on a night fishing charter party boat, but was certainly hoping to land something slightly bigger than this little guy. Hey, at least bad day (or night) of fishing is better than a good day at work, right?


Ever been on a fishing trip and capture something giggle-worthy on camera? Sign into the Take Me Fishing Community and share your funny fishing photos in our Community Gallery or on the Facebook page.

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