Posted by: Andy Whitcomb
February 7, 2012

Andy Whitcomb

Bling it on!

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and for The Wise that means you had better get off the water for a little bit and pick up something nice for your significant other.

Anglers are well aware of efficient time management.  Jobs, errands, weather, and little league games all compete with hot fishing bites for the precious few hours in a day. Also of crucial importance, do NOT overlook making time for your spouse. Boating or fishing together can make a great date or vacation.  However, for some relationships, you might have to sweeten the deal further.

Flowers are good, so are chocolates… but for something a little more creative, these fishing lure earrings made my wife smile.  Most of our friends know she is a fisheries biologist and that we enjoy water sports, so the fashion statement works for her.

I suppose that if you are a single woman trying to capture the attention of an obtuse angler, these should succeed here too.

“Say, that’s a silver Colorado blade, right?”

Plus I have read that in extreme survival situations, anglers have been able to use jewelry to catch fish.  With these earrings, I believe it. Fortunately, diamonds just don’t seem to flutter enough.

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  1. Donnie Spurlock says:

    Be very careful guys. For my first anniversary I surprised my wife with new tackle, box, and rod and reel. The real surprise was a luxury suite at a Lake Texoma resort. She ooohed and ahhhed over each and every lure, carefully opening the packaging to see what it contained. This is a true story and I am reminded of it at every anniversay, boat and tackle show or fishing event ever since. What she had been looking for while ooohing and ahhhing was a hidden piece of jewelry that was not there. Lesson learned…

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