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June 24, 2014

Andy Whitcomb

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The National Wildlife Federation is having a Great American Backyard Campout on June 28, 2014. Camping means roughing it, at least a little bit, getting a little more up-close and personal with nature. And because great camping spots often are in close proximity with water, this can be a golden time for some fishing.

Did you forget the bait? There may be some fish tempting morsels closer than you think.

● Hotdogs.  Did one “accidentally” roll off the paper plate and drop in the dirt? Recently the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Fishing reported that channel catfish were biting, among other baits, “hotdogs at 2-4 feet around rocks, creek channels and coves” at Lake Carl Blackwell.

● Marshmallows. Trout and sunfish can be caught on these sticky, sugary puff balls. They float so can be suspended on the surface or above a silty bottom.

● Bread or buns. Depending on where the fish are biting, if packed into a tight wad, a hotdog bun will sink, or toasted lightly it will float for catfish, sunfish, and carp.

● Corn. Thread a few kernels on a small hook and sunfish and bullhead catfish will provide great fun on light tackle. Keep the drag set light though because carp and channel catfish also love corn and can grow to double digit weights.

● Salads. Cherry tomatoes or small pieces of lettuce have caught giant grass carp. But don’t let this be an excuse for the kids not eating their veggies.

Before you hit the water, be sure to check your state rules and regulations for any restrictions on what bait you can use. What camping vittles have you used for bait?


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