Posted by: Tom K.
October 23, 2013

Tom K.

A kayak, connecting the shore and your honey hole

I remember the first kayak I ever saw, and it was on a black and white television set, the kind with tubes and required a minute or more to warm up.  There was a man sitting in a long, sleek boat that wrapped around his torso, on top of a rock cliff overlooking a deep pool.  This was a peculiar situation.  Why would he sit in a boat on land?  With a whisk of his two-bladed…

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Posted by: Debbie
September 23, 2013


5 Space Saving Ideas for Kayak Fishing


Due to the ease of access to pristine fishing areas, kayak fishing has become more popular than ever. Although there are now many manufacturers that make kayaks specifically equipped for fishing, on board space is still a valuable commodity. How can keep you keep your gear at a manageable level? You might find the following five tips helpful. Bring just two or three types of lures to fish each portion of the water column instead…

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Posted by: Andy
September 17, 2013


Don’t Put Up the Kayak Yet.


Since late May in Pennsylvania, cars/trucks frequently have been sighted toting kayaks or at least roof racks. They are handy for gaining access to shallow, rocky, or weedy locations where other boats may struggle.  However, with flowing water a kayak requires overcoming some logistical hurdles. Two vehicles are almost always required; one at the “put in”, and the other at a predetermined destination.  Another option is to “borrow” the wife’s “antique” milk crate, slide part…

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Posted by: Andy
August 22, 2013


Raise the Rafters


Have you ever built a raft? And I don’t mean just inflated something manufactured, but actually lashed together various hopefully buoyant objects?  Perhaps you were influenced by reading Mark Twain’s, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and yearned for adventure. This summer, Soggy Shorts Outfitters of Emlenton, Pennsylvania organized a raft race. Safety precautions were taken, life vests were on all rafts, and a rescue boat monitored the event.  With a maximum of four people per…

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Posted by: Andy
May 28, 2013


Learning to Cast from a Boat


When taking a novice angler fishing on a boat, perhaps as a mentor or on a free fishing day, here are a few things to share: 1) One of the great parts of fishing from a boat is that you are going closer to the fish. Sometimes, you may even find yourself directly over fish. Long, forceful casts may not be necessary. A stealthy approach will be helpful too. Save the loud voices for the…

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Posted by: Stephanie
May 2, 2013


Picking a River Boat: A Raft or a Dory?

river boat

I’m in the process of fulfilling a lifelong dream of buying a manually powered boat for river fishing.  It’s great to walk and wade, but there’s something about the sensation of flowing with the current… taking family and friends along with you on your river trips… and covering literally miles of fishing opportunity that a boat affords. It doesn’t matter if you’re fishing for bass (some of the biggest smallmouth bass in the country are…

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