Posted by: Kirk Deeter
May 30, 2012

Do You Have a Favorite State Park for Fishing or Boating?

I often write about fishing in far-flung wild locales, but some of my favorite fishing spots are found in places that anyone can easily access—state parks. When you think about it, state parks are really the backbone of our sport, as many anglers enjoy their first experiences—and regular recreational getaways—on their waters. Some have become fishing meccas, while others remain semi-hidden gems. I can promise you that there’s no limit to the fishing adventures and challenges you can find by fishing within various state parks from coast to coast.

Take Me Fishing™ is launching a Facebook promotion called “Nature’s Waterpark Showdown” next week, where you can check out more information on great state parks for fishing and boating from various regions throughout the country. Readers are also encouraged to vote for their favorite state parks based on boating fishing, and family fun; eventually the field will be winnowed down to reveal the very best in each part of the country.

Simply visit the “” Facebook page next week to check all this out… you might even win a prize by doing so. I’d tell you what my favorite state parks for fishing are, but I don’t want to influence any voting… you’ll hear more about my favorite spots in coming weeks.

Speaking of the weeks ahead, did you know that next week is National Fishing and Boating Week (NFBW)? Sure, it’s about raising awareness and promoting the joys of boating and fishing, but in many states, this week offers “free fishing” opportunities for new anglers to experience some fishing without having to pay for licenses. Please do check carefully, however, with your state and local agencies to understand the specifics of any free fishing programs, if they are indeed happening where you live.

Of course, the whole reason anglers are encouraged to get out on the water for a few days of free fishing is the hope that they’ll stick with it and buy licenses down the road. Fishing licenses are the main source of funding that goes right back into protecting, preserving and managing the fisheries we all enjoy. So if you haven’t re-upped the few bucks it costs for your license, why not make NFBW the reason to do so?

And why not fish or boat in a state park while you’re at it?

Kirk Deeter is an editor-at-large with Field and Stream, and the editor of Trout Unlimited’s TROUT magazine.

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0 responses to “Do You Have a Favorite State Park for Fishing or Boating?”

  1. P.S. says:

    Good Morning!
    I am not a fisherman myself, but my husband loves to fish. He is from Southeastern Oklahoma and was used to going fishing any and all the time. We when married last year, he moved to the Broken Arrow/Tulsa Area. Now almost a year has passed and he hasn’t been fishing even once.
    He doesn’t know where to go….
    I did a search on the locations sections of this website, and it looks to me like there are plenty of places to go. Hmmmmm…
    We do not own a boat, and so I guess what he means is that he doesn’t know where he could go and fish of a bank, shore, etc.
    Any advise for this wife who would love to help her new husband find a place to fish that he could enjoy, despite the fact we do not own a boat????
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Bigagoo says:

    In San Diego CA, it’s Poway Lake or Cuyamaca Lake.


  3. Tom Raville says:

    Lake Lakota in Newton Hills state Park in South Dakota is great walleye, crappie and perch fishing. If the fish arent biting later in the summer, the bullfrogging is excellent too.

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