Posted by: Andy Whitcomb
February 28, 2012

Andy Whitcomb

Find the Lure before It Finds You

I just returned from the Bassmaster Classic, which was held in Shreveport, LA.  While at the Expo, I learned a few tricks at some seminars and returned with a few innovative fishing products. Already wondering how I ever got along with out them.

One in particular that grabbed my attention was a lure organizer that uses powerful magnets to hold things in place, instead of the more traditional clips, foam or slots. It’s called the Gear Grabbar. And if you dangle a lure’s set of hooks near the magnet, it snaps into place. There is even a place it will hold long-nosed pliers and the top shelf also is magnetized for boat safety, securing other assorted hooks, snap & swivels, or jigs even during choppy boat rides.

My kids unfortunately have inherited some of my inability to locate misplaced items. But this device makes organizing lures, well, kind of fun. Now they are fighting to see who gets to snap lures back into place.  (Could all of their toys be metal?)

Efficiency is a big part of any angler’s trip. I never seem to get enough time on the water, and while there, I do not want to be wasting time and scaring fish by noisily digging and shifting around searching for pliers, lures, or hooks dropped in haste.

The Gear Grabbar now strategically holds my “go-to” lures, armed and ready, rather than part of a jumbled mess (or modern art) to be shaken loose.  And maybe, just maybe, I have sat on my last lure.


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  1. Jennifer Gesik says:

    Wow, fantastic info. Have certainly had our share of baits all over the place… could this mean order in the boat????

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