Posted by: Andy Whitcomb
July 19, 2011

Andy Whitcomb

Fishing Shoes

When one of my fishing buddies was a bachelor, I helped him move several times.  Amazingly, his possessions consisted of little more than half-empty containers of brown mustard and dozens of pairs of shoes.

Yet I do not recall any fishing shoes.  But then, except for waders, what are “fishing shoes?”

My “fishing shoes” are usually shoes that once served other purposes but now are in the later stages of their life. If fishing from shore, well-worn “clodhopper” boots help, well, hop clods en route to a rural farm pond.  If fishing from a boat, old sneakers usually do the trick but sometimes I will go with a sturdy pair of sandals.

Normally, I don’t notice shoes but I was sorting through some photos recently and realized that maybe I too, have a shoe problem; I have actually taken photos of some professional anglers’ shoes.  Rather than dwell on what this means, I have decided to turn this into a fun little quiz.

Can you guess the angler by the footwear?

(Hint: Two have won the BassMaster Classic, one has a T.V. fishing show, and one is just a  dude who loves to fish.)

Angler #1

Angler #2

Anger #3

Angler #4



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  1. largofishingnut says:

    haha id have to say my favorite ones are the ones with the green striped socks…. this things are sick! I typically rock flip flops, but id say the absolute best all around fishing shoes are actually old diving boots. They protect the bottoms of your feet if you want to get out of the boat and wont get sucked off your feet when walking in sandy bottom. i use them all the time when kayak fishing. has some cool fishing tips too!

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