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April 8, 2010


Get Your Boat Ready for Spring

As I stood on the fly bridge cleaning off the 10+ pounds of pinecones and pine needles that accumulated on my boat over the winter (I’m sure anyone in the South can identify), I could already imagine being on the water. And a sense of relaxation came over me, making the many grueling hours of labor doing engine prep work, sanding and painting all worth it!

What Are Basic Boat Maintenance Tips?

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If you’re a boater, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The time you spend prepping your boat for spring is nothing compared to the amazing feeling of calm that comes with cruising, the exhilaration that comes with skiing and tubing, or the thrill of catching a fish.

I have an older boat, so there’s a lot of things to check. My husband and I always spend a lot of time making sure the engines are in good working condition before we drop in. We flush out the antifreeze, change the oil and check the spark plugs, belts and hoses. We also make sure we’ve got our life jackets, first aid kit and other safety items on board.

Every boat is different, but the fundamentals are the same. Take the time to properly prepare your vessel for the season and it will pay dividends (in terms of safety and the long-term maintenance of your boat).

Here’s a great checklist to help you get started. See you on the water!

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