Posted by: Stephanie
April 8, 2010


Get Your Tackle Box “fish-ready”

Spring has sprung and summer is right on its tail. That means it’s time to get your tackle box and fishing gear cleaned up and ready to roll.

Here are a few simple steps to help you get started:

  • Empty your tackle box and give it a thorough cleaning, removing any worn-out or broken lures and equipment.
  • Check your lures for bent or rusted hooks and eyelets and replace them.
  • Check the hooks on your lures, spoons, etc. and sharpen them with a sharpening tool or stone if necessary. Don’t risk losing a fish because of a dull hook!
  • Check your fishing line for wear and tear and replace it if it’s nicked or weak. Line that’s left out in the weather a lot or used for saltwater fishing can break more easily.
  • Check the eyelets on your fishing rods for nicks, which can cause your line to break. Your fishing reels may also need to be cleaned and oiled.
  • Do an inventory of your tackle box and fishing gear. Do you have all the basics? Fishing pliers? Spare hooks, rod tips and first-aid supplies?

Last but not least, before you hit the water remember to make sure you’re legal! You’ll need a current fishing license and your boat needs to be registered.

Fishing is a great way to spend time with family and friends. In fact, a recent survey says boaters and anglers are significantly more satisfied with their marriages, relationships and friendships — and are more likely to have a close relationship with their children – than those who don’t boat or fish.

That said, here’s to a fun-filled, safe and productive fishing season for all. See you on the water!

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