Posted by: Andy
April 24, 2012


Pickin’ and a Grinnin’

“How do you feel about frilly toothpicks? Well, I’m for ‘em.” – Mitch Hedburg


Everything ready for your fishing trip?

Hooks? Check.

Weights? Check.

Toothpicks? Ch… Wha?

A bullet weight is a cone-shaped staple of bass anglers.  It is heavier, punches through vegetation better, and hangs up less than a split shot sinker.

To rig, the fishing line threads through the hole in the center of the weight, then the hook is tied to the end of the line. Gravity usually keeps the weight against the hook and the accompanying soft plastic lure (Texas rig).  But sometimes conditions call for some separation between lure and weight (Carolina rig).

Here, a wooden toothpick comes in handy. Insert it into the weight hole with the line and break off the tip.  Now the weight is secured where you, and hopefully the fish, want it.

Bassmaster Elite Pro Denny Brauer always pegs his weight when flipping. Terry Scroggins uses toothpicks to help secure rubber worms to the eye of his hooks to help with longer casts. FLW Pro  Mike Wurm (great name!) recommends flat toothpicks because they cause less damage to the line.

I don’t have a toothpick dispenser on my boat yet, but I don’t let a frilly toothpick from a club sandwich go to waste any more either.


Andy Whitcomb is a columnist, outdoor humorist, and stressed-out Dad living in Oklahoma. Visit him at

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